Corporate Silent Events

Corporate Silent Events
Not all of the events we run are music related we often get brought into the look after the sound system for corporate events such as seminars and stands at trade shows. If you have a large audience room then it might be a better idea to circulate a headphones system instead of trying to arrange suitable speakers. Each chair in the room is provided with a set of headphones and then the speaker uses a microphone to engage with the audience.

Multiple Speakers
One of the major advantages of a multi-channel headphone system is that whilst one person is conducting the main seminar in one language you can have multiple other speakers translating the seminar or the other channels. This has proved successful in the past when we have worked with large corporations bringing in staff from foreign offices for training events in the UK.

Other Silent Events
Some other events we have been part of in the past outside the music world include silent cinemas, trade show speakers, exhibition centre and school productions. If you have any interesting ideas about new ways we could use our headphones then please let us know! So if you are interested in hearing about any corporate silent events then get in touch with us via the contact form on the right and we will be in touch!

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