Festival Silent Discos

Silent Disco Hire for Festivals
The most popular type of event that Silent Disco Direct provides equipment for are festivals and other large outdoor events. We are capable of supplying up to 5000 headphones with all the required equipment for your event. Silent discos offer a unique experience that the other tents and stages at your festival cannot. Silent disco makes for an perfect end to an event with the minimal noise created to prevent complaints late in the night.

What We Can Do
If you do not have experience in working with SD equipment then we will visits you on the day of the festival and get everything set up and stay for the duration of the event. This way you will not have to worry about any technical issues whilst the event is under way. If you are looking for us to set up our own managed tent then get in touch and we will discuss the exact requirements you need and can work out a quote. Get in touch via the contact form on the right!

Silent Disco Festival Ideas
Some previous ideas for silent disco tents at festivals have been DJ battles where people choose which DJ they prefer. Mixing up the genres and having three different channels is the most popular. This way you could have house DJ’s running alongside a pop channel with a bit of Green Day on the third. The options are endless and a silent disco event will ensure that people leave with something to talk about!

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