How Silent Disco Equipment Works ..

Since the concept of the silent disco is still fairly new to the world we often get asked questions about how does a silent disco work and if its complicated to set up. This oftens starts with customers being apprehensive about hosting their own silent disco because of fears that they might not be able to set the system up by themselves as it may be complicated.

Well thankfully this could not be further from the truth and because of that we decided to put together a few images of the equipment and explain how it all works together so when the equipment arrives everyone knows exactly what they will be getting.

What will I receive?

When the equipment arrives you will be find between 1 and 3 transmitters, power units for the transmitters, a number of wireless headphones and two sets of cables for each of the transmitters. You will find a 3.5mm jack to jack cable which you will use when connecting the transmitter to iPhones, laptops and MP3 players. You will also find a jack to phono adapter which you can use to connect the transmitter to TVs, CD players, amplifiers etc.

Putting the equipment together!

Connecting everything together is very simple, in the first picture below you will see a picture of the transmitter plugged into the mains with the jack to jack cable connecting an iPhone to the transmitter box. You then need to make sure the transmitter is on channel 1 (second picture below) which is controlled by a switch on the transmitter (CH1), if you have multiple transmitters then you need to ensure they are on separate channels.

Now all you need to do is press play on your music playing device and the transmitter will automatically project the music to the headphones. Now pick up one of the wireless headphones and switch then on using the switch on the headset, if you are running multiple channels then the ‘Tune’ button on the side of the headphone will cycle through the channels. Each headphone also has a volume control on the side.