Google City Experts – Silent Disco Manchester

Last Thursday Google held a unique event at the Victoria Baths venue in Manchester for the launch of the Google City Experts Manchester. Google used an agency we have worked previously with, Owl Live, to organise the event and they decided that a great way to spread the music love would be by running a silent disco at the end of the event. Of course we were happy to provide the headphones and transmitter equipment so that Manchester DJ Greg Wilson could entertain the dance floor guests without disturbing the chatty revelers Expert revelers.

Alongside Silent Disco Direct doing the entertainment there were burgers on offer from the Barn House Bistro and cocktails and sweets were on offer throughout the night. It looks as though everyone had a great night and learnt a little more about Google’s new competitor to Yelp.

The best way to store the headphones whilst they are at an event is to store them just like Owl Live did and have them hung around rails, this way guests can easily pick them off and put them back on the rails without damaging the equipment!

Many thanks to both Rahul @ Champagne and Chutney and Christine @ The Fabulous Times for allowing us to use some of their images from the night.